Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week 33 results

We both got five right, two perfects and 10 points...


33 weeks played, 323 matches
17-15 to Tarquin

Lawro - 177 right, 43 perfects - 146 points
Tarquin - 179 right, 42 perfects - 148 points

Friday, March 19, 2010

Beat Lawro 33

Some quick tips! Lawro's mentioned where relevant

Villa v Wolves

Fairly obvious choice - I've gone for three, even if Martin does have a million games in March - 3-0

Everton v Bolton

Everton have turned it on lately, can't see past a home win against Bolton - 2-0

Portsmouth v Hull

Relegation special - new manager at Hull, in a way it'll be nice to have the big lug on MOTD every week, but this is one of the few Pompey could expect to have a chance of winning, and there's no need for nerves at Pompey now - their players are in the shop window now, as usual with Hull, don't bet on anything...except Jimmy Bullard - 2-1

Stoke v Spurs

Spurs are rubbish away, and Defoe is injured, among others, in fact, their injury list looks a little like this:
Bentley, Jenas, Lennon & Woodgate (all groin), Cudicini (broken wrists), Defoe (hamstring), Huddlestone (ankle), King (thigh), Rose (knee), Walker (arm) and Stoke are particularly tough away, I don't fancy many goals - 1-0

Sunderland v Birmingham

We finally differ - he's gone for the Cats, I've gone for the good team - really does depend on the day 1-2

Wigan v Burnley

Oh god, if anyone is going to cock-up Burnley at home it's Wigan - it could be 7-0, it could be 0-1, or anything inbetween - I'm 3-1

Arsenal v West Ham

Surely a question of 'how many'? 3-1

United v Liverpool

Lawro has, as always, gone for the one-all, despite there not being a single 'big 4' draw all season as yet - not that it won't happen, Liverpool will show up with 7 centre backs and chuck it to Torres, so I don't expect fireworks, I'm favouring United 2-1

Fulham v City

Hard to call, City are all over the place still - their one away win against a league side in 2010 came against...Chelsea, and then they can't beat Sunderland...(although I would point out Liverpool are worse away...losing seven!) and Fulham are decent at home - but they should be tired after that Juve game, I'm going for the draw 1-1 (Lawro 0-2)

Blackburn v Chelsea

Tough game for Chelsea, I work with a Chelsea fan who's convinced they're going to throw the title away - this would be a good place to start, but I'm going with form, and a response to the Inter defeat 1-2

Beat Lawro 32

Lawro got Nine results right, One perfect score = 12.5
Tarquin got eight, One perfect score = 10


32 weeks played, 313 matches
17-15 to Tarquin

Lawro - 172 right, 41 perfects - 141 points
Tarquin - 174 right, 40 perfects - 143 points

I might actually do some predictions first this weekend....!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beat Lawro 31

So lazy yet again!

Lawro = Seven right, two perfect = 10
Tarquin = Six right, two perfect = 7.5

I would like to point out that I got Portsmouth v Birmingham spot on in the league repeat...but oh no we're not paying that one...


31 weeks played, 303 matches
17-14 to Tarquin

Lawro - 163 right, 40 perfects - 128.5 points
Tarquin - 166 right, 39 perfects - 133 points

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beat Lawro 30 results

Lawro = 4.5
Tarquin = 2.5


30 weeks played, 294 matches
17-13 to Tarquin

Lawro - 156 right, 38 perfects - 118.5 points
Tarquin - 160 right, 37 perfects - 125.5 points