Thursday, May 13, 2010

End of Season

It's all over!

I haven't counted yet, but I'm confident

Tarquin and Lawro both got 6 right

Lawro got 2 perfect, Tarquin only one

Tarquin = 4.5
Lawro = 6

Lawro wins the final week! A shame to not end on a high

Final Standings

40 weeks played, 391 matches
22-17 to Tarquin (1 draw)

Lawro - 215 right, 48 perfects - 170.5 points
Tarquin - 218 right, 49 perfects - 179 points

It is however, a comprehensive victory - more right, more perfect, more points, and more weeks won

Whether it was on consistency, perfect scores, or just plain old right/wrong, I won!

It was however, far tighter than I had hoped

Tarquin got 55% right, 12.5% perfect

It's down 13 points on last season, although that was a late addition and this was the first full season, also my perfect ratio was up over 2% - which is excellent considering the larger number of games

Lawro is also down to just under 55% right, a slightly better loss than myself, but his perfects are way down - from 19% to 12.2%

I feel I must do better, at least 70% I think to be called a good tipper - perfect scores? I don't actually rate them that highly, it's principally luck, often the difference between 2-0, 2-1 or 3-0, and to be honest the more you get right, the more chance you get of a perfect score!

I also feel they weigh it down somewhat, Lawro got a lot of perfects during our test run last season, but far less tips right - that indicates that he's benefiting from pure luck, getting games like Chelsea v Wigan or Sunderland, which we can all call, spot on, while failing to analyse tighter games correctly

On to next year! (Or the world cup...)

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